College Introduction

The School of Materials Science and Engineering, Henan University of Science and Technology (HUST), grew out of the Department of Machinery, Luoyang Institute of Technology, established in 1958. There are 123 staff members in the school at present. Among them teaching staff are 109, including 2 specially professors hired by Henan Provence, 2 ZhongYuan Distinguished Scholars, 24 supervisors for Ph.D students, 68 supervisors for Master degree students, 34 professors and 34 associate professors and senior research engineers. 5 persons are the recipients of special allowance offered by State Council. 22 persons are with the titles of National ‘Hundred/Thousand/Ten-Thousand Talent Project’, Outstanding Academics at ministry- or province-level,Innovational Academics and Academic Leaders. 29 young academics are with titles trans-century academic leaders or core academics at ministry-, province- and city-levels. 46 staffs obtain Ph.D degrees and more than 95.12% of teaching staffs obtained the doctoral and master’s degrees.

At present, the school consists of 3 departments: Materials Science, Material Process Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering. There are 4 specialties for undergraduates: Metallic Materials Engineering, Materials Process and Control Engineering are awarded the national characteristic specialties, the national excellent engineer education plan and comprehensive reform pilot. Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Engineering specialty is awarded Henan Province excellent engineer education in training plan. The teaching team of ‘Materials Shaping and Controlling Engineering’ is awarded national-level teaching team. "Forming Foundation of Metallic Materials" is a course and excellent resource sharing at national level. "Mechanical Engineering Materials" and "Composite Materials Science and Engineering" are excellent course and bilingual teaching demonstration course in Henan Province, respectively.

Materials Science & Engineering and Metallurgy Engineering specialties are the key specialties of Henan Province. The key specialties include 14 teaching and research platforms at provincial and ministerial levels, such as, the Collaborative Innovation Center of Henan Province on Nonferrous Metals Common Technology; the Research Center of the Education Ministry on Tribology and Material Protection Engineering Technology; the Key Laboratory of Henan Province on Nonferrous Metallic Materials Science and Fabrication Technology; the Key Laboratory Cultivation Base of Education Ministry on Materials Tribology; the International Laboratory of Henan Province on Nonferrous Metals, the Key Laboratory of Henan Province on Materials Tribology; the Engineering Technology Research Center of Henan Province on Wear-resistant Materials. The key specialties also include 7 teams: the Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team of Education Ministry on Advanced Wear-resistant Materials; the Science & Technology Innovative Teams of Henan province on Materials Tribology, the Key Technology for Advanced Wear-resistant Materials, Materials & Manufacturing Technology for Large Casting Parts, the New Nonferrous Metallic Materials; and the Innovation Team of Universities at Henan Province on Advanced Connection Technology.

The School holds the powers for the authorizing doctoral degree at materials science and engineering (the first level discipline), for the authorizing master degree at materials science & engineering and metallurgical engineering (the first level discipline). Current students include 20 postgraduates for PhD degree study, 230 postgraduates for Master degree study and 2337 undergraduates.